Mostyn Estates & Llandudno  


For the past five hundred years the history of the Mostyn family has been closely intertwined with the development of Llandudno.

The majority of the town as we know it today was laid out in 1849 by the Mostyn family, who leased most of the plots for development and influenced the building design and uses of land.

Generations of the Mostyn family have been instrumental in preserving the rich heritage of Llandudno and promoting the development and economic prosperity of the area.

The history of the Mostyn family

Sir Thomas Mostyn Mostyn. Knight.
1535 - 1617

Master Thomas of the Bright Sword, in 1576 was returned as MP for Flintshire. He had an interest in birds and probably erected the dovecote at Gloddaeth.


Thomas Edward Mostyn Lloyd Mostyn.
1830 - 1861

Tom Mostyn was the husband of Lady Henrietta Augusta Lloyd Mostyn and tragically died young.
He was the first Chairman of the Llandudno Improvement Commissioners.


Lady Henrietta Augusta Mostyn.
nee Nevill daughter of Earl of Abergavenny.
1830 - 1912

Philanthropist, artist and amateur town planner.
She donated to many good causes, particularly churches.


Llewelyn Nevill Vaughan Lloyd Mostyn.
1856 - 1929

The 3rd Baron who greatly aided the town's development, donating sites for public buildings.
He was President of Llandudno Town Improvement Commissioners for 37 years from its inception, and Chairman of the Llandudno Urban District Council 1902 to 1903.


Edward Llewelyn Roger Lloyd Mostyn.
1885 - 1965

The 4th Baron, presided over the family through the first years after the creation of Mostyn Estates Ltd in 1925.


Right Honourable Roger Edward Lloyd.
1920 - 2000

Lord Mostyn, the fifth Baron served in the 9th Queens Royal Lancers from 1939 - 1945. A tank commander, he fought on the front lines in France, North Africa and Italy where he was wounded on two occasions, mentioned in Despatches and awarded the Military Cross in 1943. He was Chairman of Mostyn Estates Limited, a governor of St David's college, Llandudno and President of the Llandudno R.N.L.I.


Llewelyn Roger Lloyd Lloyd-Mostyn.
present Sixth Baron Mostyn.




Brief History of Llandudno
1815 - Ebeneser chapel for Calvinistic Methodists constructed
1827 - Tabernacl chapel for Baptists constructed
1837 - Semaphore station on the Orme was constructed
1838 - Salem chapel for Wesleyans constructed
1840 - First Post Office in Llandudno opened
1841 - St. George's chapel constructed
1843 - Approx 196 dwellings
1843 - 1,000 inhabitants
1849 - Enclosure Act (832 acres of 955 acres of land available was distributed to Hon. Lloyd Mostyn as a result)
1854 - Approx 200 dwellings
1854 - Llandudno Improvement Act passed by Parliament
1856 - Fire Brigade established
1858 - Work on a sewage system commences
1858 - Branch railway line from Llandudno to Llandudno junction opened
1859 - First pier constructed
1860 - Gas Street lamps installed
1861 - First bank in Llandudno opened
1862 - Approx 438 residences
1875 - Mersey Docks & Harbour Board constructed the Great Orme lighthouse
1875 - New pier constructed
1891 - First reported football match played - Llandudno lost 2-1 to Conway
1901 - 6,065 inhabitants
1901 - 9,279 inhabitants
1902 - Grand Theatre opened
1907 - Cable tramway to the summit of the Great Orme was completed
1936 - Llandudno & Colwyn Bay Electric Railway opened (tram)
1948 - Marks & Spencer opened
1956 - Sir Winston Churchill visits LLandudno
1963 - Llandudno & Colwyn Bay Electric Railway closed (tram)
1969 - The Queen & Prince Phillip visit LLandudno
1972 - Cabin lift to the summit of the Great Orme was completed
1978 - Swimming pool constructed
1986 - Great Orme County Park formed, covering over 1,000 acres
1989 - 300 metre dry ski slope & 700 metre toboggan created
1991 - Astra & Oden Entertainment Centre demolished after 55 years
1992 - Great Orme Mines opened the bronze age mine to the public
1993 - Victoria centre opened
1994 -Llandudno is flooded - 5 and a half inches of rain fell in three and a half hours
1994 - North Wales Theatre opened
1994 - Fire on the pavilion
1999 - 150 years of Llandudno celebrations
2003 - Builder Street Development



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